Wednesday, June 11, 2008

C.S. Lewis and The Inklings


C.S. Lewis and the Inklings

Into the Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis and Public Life (Discovery Institute)

C.S. Lewis Society of California

C.S. Lewis Institute (new - 1-13-09)

C.S. Lewis Teacher Resource Page (new - 1-13-09)

The Place of the Lion (new - 1-13-09)

C.S. Lewis at (new - 1-13-09)

C.S. Lewis at Explore (new - 1-13-09)

C.S. Lewis links at CERC (new - 1-13-09)

C.S. Lewis Classics (new - 1-13-09)

Mere (new - 1-13-09)

This Is No Mere Study Series (new - 1-13-09)

In Lenten Lands (new - 1-13-09)

The Search for Joy by Earl Palmer (new - 1-13-09)

Lewis links at First Things (new - 1-13-09)

In Pursuit of Truth (new - 1-13-09)

Ken Boa's study (on audio) on Mere Christianity (new - 1-13-09)

Knox Chamblin's course syllabus (new - 1-13-09)

Knowing and Doing Archives (new - 1-13-09)

Mere Christianity Study Guide (new - 1-13-09)

Another Mere Christianity Study Guide (new - 1-13-09) And here and also here and, finally, here

Reflections Archives (new - 1-13-09)

Lewis, Literature, and Life

Ralph Wood

Peter Kreeft

C.S. Lewis Foundation

American Chesteron Society

American Chesterton Society Blog

G.K. Chesteron

Further Up & Further In (a resource blog)

Narnia Web

The Hobbit Movie

The One Ring

The Tolkien Society

Tolkien Gateway

C.S. Lewis Classics (at Harper)

PD James

Articles and Such

A Man for All Time: C.S. Lewis: Speaking to Our Culture Today Dr. Peter Kreeft

C. S. Lewis Among the Postmodernists David C. Downing

C. S. Lewis in the Public Square Richard John Neuhaus

C. S. Lewis: Memories and Reflections

C. S. Lewis on Mere Science M. D. Aeschliman

C. S. Lewis: Public Christian and Scholar Dr. Bruce L. Edwards

C.S. Lewis for Children Terry Mattingly

C. S. Lewis: His Enduring Legacy Todd Kappelman

Articles by or about Lewis at the Discovery Institute and Here

C.S. Lewis, H.G. Wells, and the Evolutionary Myth By: Mike Perry

C. S. Lewis: That Hideous Strength (1945) Phillip E. Johnson

He is Not a Tame Author: Weblog Post by C.S. Lewis Expert Dr. Bruce L. Edwards

Poets and Prophets

C.S. Lewis and the Riddle of Joy Written by Michael Gleghorn

Lessons from C.S. Lewis Written by Rick Wade

Review: Comparing Two Giants of Apologetics: C. S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer Douglas R. Groothuis

Audio Messages about C.S. Lewis

The Everyday C.S. Lewis Gilbert Meilaender

The Lewis Legacy Online

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & the Genius of C.S. Lewis The Book, the Series and the Movie

The Second Coming of C. S. Lewis Alan Jacobs

The Unfundamental C. S. Lewis Key Components of Lewis's View of Scripture By Duncan Sprague

What Did C. S. Lewis Mean, and Does It Matter? A Preview of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Film) Drew Trotter, Ph.D.

When Worldviews Collide Armand Nicholi

C.S. Lewis: An Introduction by Kathryn Lindskoog (new - 1-13-09)

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